Industrial Land For Sale on Ghazi Barotha Road (China Chowk) Attock

Situated at Ghazi Barotha Road (China Chowk) in Attock, this industrial land offers an enviable location. Its strategic proximity to Attock City and the Grand Trunk (G.T.) Road positions it as a promising hub for diverse commercial ventures. Accessibility via the main Ghazi Barotha Road ensures convenient transportation, facilitating smooth logistics for any industrial or agricultural operation.

Pricing and Installment DetailsAmount (PKR)
Total Price30,000,000
Advance Payment10,000,000
Monthly Installments4,000,000
Number of Installments5
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Versatile Utilization for Varied Ventures

The property’s versatility is a standout feature, making it an ideal choice for a range of commercial purposes. The expansive space caters to controlled poultry sheds, dairy farming, tunnel farming, and various industrial activities. This adaptability allows investors and entrepreneurs to explore a spectrum of opportunities within a single property.

Abundant Utilities for Uninterrupted Operations

Electricity, a critical requirement for any industrial or farming operation, is readily available on-site, ensuring uninterrupted and hassle-free operations. Moreover, the property boasts an ample water supply, meeting the demands of both industrial and agricultural needs. These utilities are fundamental in maximizing the potential of this industrial land for profitable ventures.

Industrial Land For Sale on Ghazi Barotha Road (China Chowk) Attock

Features Tailored for Success

The expansive area, coupled with its suitability for diverse farming ventures, makes it an attractive choice for controlled poultry sheds, dairy farms, and tunnel farming setups. Furthermore, the land’s adaptability extends to accommodating various industrial purposes, offering a canvas for innovation and growth.

Pricing and Payment Options

Price: PKR 30 Crore


  • Advance Payment: PKR 10 Crore
  • Monthly Installments: PKR 4 Crore over 5 installments

This convenient payment plan allows for flexibility in investment, enabling interested parties to make a substantial initial payment and spread the remainder over manageable monthly installments.

In conclusion, this industrial land on Ghazi Barotha Road presents an enticing opportunity for investors looking to delve into diverse commercial ventures. Its prime location, versatile usage potential, abundant utilities, and flexible payment options make it a compelling prospect for those seeking a lucrative and sustainable investment in Attock’s thriving industrial landscape.

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