40 Kanal Farm House For Sale Chakshahzad

This 40 Kanal Farm House, nestled in the serene environs of Chak Shahzad, Islamabad, embodies luxury and tranquility. Boasting a prime location, this property presents an exclusive opportunity for those seeking an idyllic retreat within the capital city.

TypeFarm House
PricePKR 56 Crore
LocationChak Shahzad, Islamabad
Area40 Kanal
PurposeFor Sale
Added2 days ago
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Features and Amenities

  1. Size and Accessibility: Spanning 40 Kanals, this property offers a substantial area for your envisioned retreat. Convenient access from Park Road ensures ease of travel and connectivity to major routes.
  2. Scenic Surroundings: Embrace the lush greenery and wide streets that epitomize this farm house, providing a picturesque setting for your escape from the city hustle.
  3. Utilities: Equipped with essential utilities including electric and gas meters, as well as a water boring facility, this property ensures a comfortable and self-sufficient lifestyle.
  4. Title Orchard: With the charm of a title orchard, immerse yourself in the beauty and serenity of a carefully cultivated landscape.
  5. Lease and Ownership: The property features a revised lease, CDA transfer, and stands as a single-owner asset, ensuring a hassle-free transaction for potential buyers.

Price and Additional Details

The property is available for sale at a competitive price of PKR 56 Crore, offering an exclusive opportunity to invest in a luxurious retreat within Islamabad.

40 Kanal Farm House For Sale Chakshahzad

Additional Details:

  • Original pictures are available on request, providing a firsthand glimpse into the charm and allure of this exceptional property.

This Farm House in Chak Shahzad, Islamabad, represents a rare opportunity to own an expansive, scenic retreat within the capital city. With its blend of tranquility, luxury, and convenience, it stands as an inviting haven for those seeking a premium lifestyle away from the urban bustle.

چک شہزاد، اسلام آباد میں واقع یہ فارم ہاؤس، دارالحکومت کے اندر ایک وسیع، قدرتی اعتکاف کے مالک ہونے کے نادر موقع کی نمائندگی کرتا ہے۔ سکون، عیش و آرام اور سہولت کے امتزاج کے ساتھ، یہ ان لوگوں کے لیے ایک مدعو پناہ گاہ کے طور پر کھڑا ہے جو شہری ہلچل سے دور پریمیم طرز زندگی کے خواہاں ہیں۔

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