17000 Kanal Agricultural Land For Sale In Pindigheb Attock Pindigheb, Attock, Punjab

This expansive 17,000 Kanal agricultural land, nestled in the heart of Pindigheb, Attock, presents an unparalleled investment opportunity. Boasting a strategic location just 3 kilometers from C-Pak, it offers ease of access and connectivity. Notably, the property features an impressive 1500 feet frontage along the main road, enhancing its visibility and accessibility.

Table for Property Details:

Property Details
LocationPindigheb, Attock, Punjab
Area17,000 Kanal
PricePKR 76.5 Crore
Price per KanalPKR 45,000
Accessibility3km from C-Pak
Frontage1500 ft in Main Road
OwnershipSingle Family
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Property Details and Features

The land is being offered at an attractive rate of PKR 45,000 per Kanal, making it an appealing prospect for astute investors seeking to capitalize on the burgeoning agricultural sector in the region. Owned by a single family, this property presents a rare chance to acquire a significant tract of land under unified ownership.

Investment Potential and Opportunities

With its vast expanse and strategic location, this agricultural land holds immense potential for various purposes. Whether it’s large-scale farming, agricultural development projects, or even potential future commercial or residential endeavors, the possibilities are vast. The proximity to essential amenities and the main road frontage add value to the property, making it an attractive proposition for investors looking for long-term growth potential.

Land For Sale on Ghazi Barotha Road (China Chowk) Attock


In conclusion, this 17,000 Kanal agricultural land in Pindigheb, Attock, stands as a promising investment opportunity. Its expansive size, strategic location, accessibility, and potential for diverse development projects make it an appealing prospect for investors seeking a profitable venture in Punjab’s thriving agricultural landscape. Don’t miss the chance to acquire this valuable piece of land, ripe with potential for growth and development.

پنڈیگھیب، اٹک میں یہ 17,000 کنال زرعی اراضی سرمایہ کاری کا ایک موقع ہے۔ اس کا وسیع سائز، اسٹریٹجک محل وقوع، رسائی، اسے پنجاب کے فروغ پزیر زرعی منظر نامے میں منافع بخش منصوبے کے خواہاں سرمایہ کاروں کے لیے ایک پرکشش امکان بناتی ہے۔ زمین کے اس قیمتی ٹکڑے کو حاصل کرنے کا موقع ضائع نہ کریں۔

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